How to run an effective and organised warehouse in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire

Warehousing plays a key role in the supply chain, keeping businesses running efficiently in order to stay ahead of supply and demand.  So what can make your warehouse stand out above others? How can you run an effective and organised warehouse?

There are a number of factors to consider and whilst location used to be key, warehouse space is currently at a premium during the Coronavirus pandemic. More and more businesses are looking further afield to urban storage locations as they grow their online retailing operations.


Fundamental in any warehouse environment is cleanliness.  Keep the place clean and maintained.  Dirt, damp, and mess will most definitely put any potential client off storing their merchandise with you.  Follow all Health and Safety protocols and maintain all machinery and lifting equipment.


Your floor plan or layout will directly affect the efficiency of your warehouse and how it works.  Create a practical floor plan, maximise your space, and organise it with decisive signage and labelling.


Customers will always be conscious of the security of their merchandise.  If your security is robust, and your clients trust your security measures, they are more likely to increase the volume of stock held at your facility.


An organised warehouse is a safe warehouse. A safer working environment will increase productivity and accident risk is decreased.

Provide options

Commercial storage solutions are becoming more sought after, so it is important to offer different services within your warehouse.  Palletised stock storage should be provided on a long or short term basis whilst catering for small businesses with a self-storage option.

If you have good transport links, full RH&D (receipt, handling, and despatch) should be implemented offering computerised stock control to maintain efficient stock retrieval and dispatch.


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