Small Business Warehousing

No client is too small in today’s climate as we struggle to claw back lost sales, revenue, and business that was lost when the pandemic hit last year. It’s no different in the warehouse sector and even the smaller clients can make up a large chunk of revenue. So whether you’re the warehouse owner, or the small business looking for space, providing or finding the right unit is important and can be advantageous to all concerned.


If you’re the Warehouse provider

Small businesses may just be your bread and butter! Don’t overlook what they bring to the table, as multiple smaller clients can add up to a large profit.  Never underestimate what the future might hold for a small or start up business; they may not have the stock or inventory to justify hiring a large space right now, but they may anticipate rapid growth and need extra warehouse space in a relatively short time frame. As their business grows, so could yours!

In the meantime, maximising the space given to the client is key. Rearranging inventory and its storage and shelving will make the most of the space that your client is paying for until they’re ready to buy more space when their business grows.


If you’re the Small Business Owner

Do your research. Before you rush into a bright, shiny, new facility, talk to some existing ones too. A new facility could experience ‘teething troubles’ and some systems take a while to get right. The advantage of an existing facility is that they’ll have a wealth of experience, have tried and tested systems in place and are better geared up to be more flexible with your requirements.

Having said this, all warehouses should offer you certain features, regardless of how long they’ve been in business; appropriate storage/shelving or racking for your products and the methods in which to fulfil your orders. This could involve transporting stock with forklifts, all of which will meet safety standards.

With seasonal shopping being big business, many small companies rely on the likes of Black Friday and Christmas sales for the majority of their turnover. But where can you store your seasonal stock? Warehousing (particularly if your chosen facility provides flexible services) is the answer to a small business’ prayers.

Warehouses, by design are safe places for mass storage, giving you a safe and secure place to store your goods. Competent security can help keep your mind at rest, knowing that the products you store there are safe. They’re built to be sturdy and keep your goods safe in almost all situations.


Here at Eynesbury Warehousing, all stock is professionally handled by our trained and experienced staff. Storage and retrieval of palletised goods is effectively controlled by our fully computerised stock control system, providing an instant and responsive service. We have a well established facility, backed up by years of experience. Servicing Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire, we have excellent transport links making us the perfect choice for small and large businesses alike. Find out more here.