The Value and Benefits of Warehousing

When choosing which type of warehousing is best for your business it’s likely that there will be many considerations, the most important being cost effectiveness. Scaling up or down your business in the future could also be a huge factor, and one that is as important in the near future as it is further down the line. But before you go all out and buy or build a new warehouse, here’s why we think renting warehouse space is the perfect solution, both in the long term and short term.

The Cost

Buying or building private warehousing is a huge investment and will take a chunk out of your capital. Renting warehousing space will give you room to store your goods and products whilst providing you with the equipment and infrastructure needed at a fraction of the cost. An established warehouse will handle the complexities of logistics and distribution. This is good news to a new business, and far less risk to its capital.

Expert Advice

When you choose to rent space in an established warehouse you will receive expert service and advice from its experienced staff, giving you more time to run your business.

Different Warehouse Options

Scaling up and down is common in business, particularly when the economy is unsteady. During quieter periods it may be necessary to store excess stock and inventory for short periods of time. This is when self-storage comes in handy. Renting a container to house office furniture or other assets that are redundant for now but will be needed in the future is a good solution.

It’s Flexible

If you own your own warehouse and need to sell it, that’s a huge responsibility. Then you have the headache of finding another larger or smaller unit depending on your needs. But when you rent warehouse space, as your business expands or downsizes then you have flexibility to adapt the amount of space you need. So long as you give your provider enough notice, they’ll cater to your requirements.


Of course, there are benefits to having your own private warehouse in the right circumstances. If your business is large enough to warrant the overhead and employ staff members to oversee the effective running of the facility, then this could be the option worth considering. But if you have little or no experience in running a warehouse, then the benefits listed above should be enough to convince you to rent your space, at least for the time being.

Eynesbury Warehousing provide the experience and expertise needed to look after your commercial storage needs. Our fully computerised stock control system maintains efficient storage and retrieval of your goods and your stock is secure and protected by professionally installed and monitored alarms and CCTV.

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