Top Tips to Enhance Warehouse Productivity

Warehouse management isn’t any easy task; the vast space and product and storage layout is a juggling act, as every inch of space is valuable.  Getting it right is imperative.  Constantly implementing ways to optimise processes to improve the effectiveness of operations is a perpetual job and one that is on the top of any warehouse manager’s list.  Productivity needs to be at its optimum in order for warehouse operations to function at their best.

Here are some tips to help increase or improve the logistics within your warehouse.

  • Plan your layout effectively

The efficiency of your warehouse will be directly affected by the layout.  Inventory should be arranged on how often you need to use it.  For example, frequently used items should be kept closer to the loading bay, and those used less frequently can be stored nearer the back.  When your layout is organised, make sure it is maintained; things can become disorganised very quickly, and you’ll have health and safety issues to consider if there are hazards where there shouldn’t be.

  • Maintenance

Machine and equipment failure is inevitable from time to time; it’s how you deal with the breakdowns that’s important.  By ensuring your machines are all well maintained and serviced regularly, breakdowns are less likely to happen.  They say prevention is better than cure, so schedule in those services regularly, then any trouble can hopefully be spotted before it happens and becomes too serious.

  • Train your staff

Staff training is essential, particularly where health and safety is concerned.  Warehouses can be dangerous places with the amount of stock they hold, and at different height levels.  In order for your warehouse to function as it should, staff should also be encouraged to communicate effectively, and all of your procedures followed.  With technology ever changing, training should be ongoing so that each staff member is continually updated and qualified to use equipment and knows warehouse procedures.

  • Know your stock

Where would your clients be if you couldn’t locate their stock?  They’d be at another warehouse facility before you knew it!  It’s crucial to keep track of your stock and its location.  Be careful not to overstock as you could end up with too much of a certain product, and too little could see your potential clients turn to one of your competitors.  Provide your clients with a guarantee that your warehouse is clean and dry, and that any stock stored there is safe and secure.

  • Move with the times

Technology moves along relatively quickly.  As soon as you invest in new tech, the developers are already working on upgrades!  Try and stay as current as possible by adopting software solutions to make you warehouse operations run more seamlessly.  If your stock is barcoded, use automatic identification methods; this will slash the amount of time spent trying to locate and identify particular stock.  Investing in new software is becoming more and more cost effective as time goes on, even as it becomes more sophisticated.