Warehouse Safety Awareness

In the warehouse industry, the safety of employees is the most important responsibility that any facility owners can undertake. Employees have the right to work in a safe environment, and employers have a duty of care to make sure they get it.

Safety awareness programmes are a good way to keep the rules and safety measures in place, fresh in the minds of warehouse workers. Not only will it raise awareness (as the title says) but it may keep accidents that result in injury and in turn absenteeism, from happening.

Here are some formal and informal ways of implementing a safety awareness plan in your warehouse that won’t ostracise your employees.

  1. Communicate your plan

It’s important to tell the workforce about any changes to health and safety policy, so hold a meeting to announce the plan and a brief outline of its content. This can also be implemented into any ongoing training programme to keep things fresh in employees’ minds. A safety commitment or declaration could also be signed.

  1. Develop your plan

You may need to work with your HR department or consultant to identify the focus of your plan. If there is machinery or electrical components and equipment that employees will use, set out the guidance accordingly. Ladders, lifts, and racking will need to have their safety features reviewed and it needs to be made clear about which personnel can and can’t use them.

  1. Put it down on paper

You’d be surprised how many people make plans and rules but don’t record them. Putting rules, regulations, and safety measures down in black and white helps to commit them to employees’ memories.

  1. Post plans in convenient locations

To keep rules, regulations, and safety tips fresh in workers’ minds, post them throughout your warehouse. Equipment, staff rooms and work areas are all ideal places to get your message across. Keeping safety at the forefront of minds will make them think before embarking on any precarious situations.

  1. Offer incentives

A reward scheme can often have a positive impact when trying to implement new rules. It could be a small prize like some sweets or chocolates for those who comply with new safety rules 100% of the time. Even something small will get people talking thereby raising awareness.

  1. Check your insurance

Implementing a new safety programme could have an effect on your liability insurance premiums. After all, it’s like another layer of security within your business, so it’s worth checking with your insurer. You could find that you’re eligible for a discount!


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