Warehousing: Contracting Vs Buying

While warehousing ownership has many advantages, the obligations connected with leasing or buying your own facility can outweigh the benefits for most growing businesses. You may be weighing up whether owning or contracting warehouse space is the best decision for you and your company. Let us help you decide!

Think space!

Weigh up the risks involved with committing to a set amount of square footage. When you own a warehouse there is not much room for manoeuvre so you could find yourself with surplus empty space, or not enough during seasonal periods. Contracting allows a far more flexible approach, with room to breathe at peak times.

Sound business investment?

The cost of setting up a fully functioning warehouse is not one to be sniffed at. It is difficult to operate without state of the art inventory monitoring and security systems which all cost money that could be ploughed back into your business elsewhere. Renting space means that those costs are taken care of by the facility owner.

Low starting costs

You need a space that is ready to move your stock into, right? Buying or building a facility is bound to take time, not to mention money that you might not have. With contracted services there is no timescale, no waiting for construction and/or maintenance repairs, and no huge bill at the end of it. Just a monthly rental cost without any unforeseen or unexpected charges.

Scale up or down

Contract warehousing allows you to grow along with your business. There’s room to expand when you need to and similarly decrease your space during leaner periods. Your needs can change in an instant, so it is important to have a flexible approach, especially if you run a small or new business. Wasted space is money down the drain and can cause strain on the rest of your business, stealing your focus from more important matters.

Why choose Eynesbury Warehousing?

Because we are committed to providing an excellent service with attention to detail. Situated out of town, with excellent access to the A1, A14 and A428, our Cambridgeshire location is perfect to provide easily accessible storage.

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